Roulette is the king of casino games in many ways – best of all, anyone can play it. None of its weird skills and experience are actually required, as it’s really just a matter of luck. 

Whether you want your choice to play it safe or take a risk when aiming for big wins, online roulette is the right table game for all your needs. You can find everything from playing with Even Money bets to 35: 1 wins. It’s easy to see why roulette stays popular with players both at the stone-foot casino and online.

Various offer in online roulette

Online offers a great selection of unique features as well as new ways to improve your chances of winning. The most popular game strategies are also available to you due to the limitations of the tables. Online roulette and casino roulette simply cannot be compared. Both have their own good points, but the standard roulette and live roulette of online casinos really bring ease as well as great technology to play. 

Online casinos generally have a choice of traditional European roulette, French roulette and American roulette with its many versions and dealers. If you want a little extra entertainment and a real atmosphere, you should try live roulette, where you can feel like you are on the spot at the game table. In live play, you most often play by the rules of European roulette and at the same time see the right dealer via live video broadcast. Live roulette online offers numerous angles, so you can watch the game table, dealer or roulette wheel from where you can see the results in real time. 

Live roulette is certainly a great option for many players, but beginners may be better suited to the traditional roulette versions mentioned earlier. They don’t have betting limits like in live roulette, so the player has more time between rounds to think about game and betting strategies.

Online roulette and live roulette
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